Coderoll is Software House specializing in custom CMS developement and Magento-related integrations. It was founded by Lucas Lewandowsky, who overwhelmed with the amout of refferals he got decided to scale his business. Our mission was to take Lucas personality and create brand around it, so he doesnt loose crediblity. Our approach needed to be comprehensive and cohesive, impacting customer touchpoints from business card design to online experience and everything in between.


Developing the strategy

DOKO Strategist, Stanley Świątkiewicz, sat down with founder of coderoll Lucas Lewandowski and begun a discovery session. After one day workshop Stanely surfaced main problems. Next step was to list the needs and goals of the business, and prioritize them respectfuly. This was the base for the branding and strategy plan for 2019 company launch.


Understanding the user

Clients of Lucas were mainly software houses in need of additional human power or consulting in Magento-related technologies. After finished project each client reffered Lucas to few more people.


Defining the brand

Referrals created far to much work opportunities for Lucas to handle, so he decided to create software house to create credibility not for himself, but for the brand that can scale. To keep personal touch we decided to add Lucas hobby, photography, as key brand element.


Positioning and catch phrase

Understanding what the coderoll brand is and who it is a champion for, helped define the positioning catch phrase of the organisation. This set the tone for everything created for the company.



DOKO developed an entire identity system to make sure every customer touch-point reflected the brand. The branding included crafting the logo, introducing a color palette, a typeface, and roll-inspired design elements. This created a more cohesive experience and atmosphere for both the physical office and its digital touchpoints.

— Working on a project was an extremely pleasing experience. I came in for the branding but it was the discovery session that blew me away. It helped me understand the needs of my business and prioritize my goals. Hope to work again with these guys soon.


Lucas Lewandowsky

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